About Us

Y.V.P. focus is, to match the most effective way of software development to customer requirements.

Y. V. P. provides consulting services, oriented to a fast and well-designed
integration with existing products and solutions.
Our unique approach combines the following:
* understanding company’s current and future technical challenges
* understanding customer expectations and the market environment
* very professional translation of the understandings into a comprehensive action plan.

Y. V. P. specializes in design and implementation of applications
and installation kits for wide list of platforms such as:
* UNIX platforms (AIX, Solaris, HPUX)
* Linux platforms (Debian, RH, BSD)
* Windows platforms
* Cloud solutions (AWS, Google Kubernetes, Digital Ocean)
* Telephony Solution (Asterisk based)

Y.V.P. provides full stack HR cover for wide range of projects (from single developer to several development teams)

Contact Us :
Address : Israel, Tel-Aviv, Zliley-Hanina 7/14

Phones: +(972) 50 6300491
Fax: +(972)3 7168391
e-mail: igor@yvp.co.il

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